Oresome in print!

Oresome in print!

The story of us being published started about 18 months ago Nicola and I were invited to submit images of our work featuring colour and texture for a new book that was to be written.

At the beginning of this year we got the exciting news that we had been 2 of the 90 jewellers to be featured within the book.
We are both very excited be featured within this new book titled “Colour and Textures in Jewellery”. The book has been written and compiled by two tutors and jewellers from London Jewellery Workshop Nina Gilbey and Bekkie Ora Cheeseman. The book features examples of different techniques and processes used by professional jewellers to create colour and texture within jewellery.

The book demonstrates how colour and texture can be used in the creation of jewellery making and how these techniques and processes can be used creatively to create dynamic and exciting work.

As a jeweller both colour and texture play such a major part in designing and creating a piece of jewellery. Whether it is a one off commission or a part of a range. I love to incorporate colour within my designs and do this by using various different precious and semi precious stones as well as other materials such as resin and anodised aluminium.

“I am still fascinated by colour, texture, form and function as well as the ductile qualities of metals, pushing them to extremes in order to create innovative bespoke pieces that cannot be found anywhere else.”
Nicola Fidell Chapman


We are both due to attend the official launch of the book in London on the 4th July. Colour and textures in Jewellery is now available to buy and download through various outlets.


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