Keep your sparkly jewellery sparkly

Keep your sparkly jewellery sparkly

You know the feeling you have a sparkly piece of new jewellery and love wearing it. The problem is how do you keep it looking great? Here at Oresome we often are asked about keeping your pieces looking like new so we thought we would put our top tips together to help you shine!

Here are a few tips to help keep your pieces looking great!
 1.  Keep your jewellery wrapped in some acid free tissue paper and an air tight container when you not wearing it. This helps to stop the oxygen from getting to the metal and helps to keep the pieces from tarnishing as quickly.

 2. Carefully clean your pieces periodically with a soft toothbrush, some warm water and washing up liquid. Be careful when cleaning pieces with stones in.

 3. Invest in a good quality silver or gold cloth. These are impregnated with cleaning solution and will clean away a light tarnish. Rub your jewellery lightly with the cloth and see them come back to life.

 4. Always take your rings off when washing your hands or applying hand cream. This will prevent soap and lotions getting behind stone settings and making the stones look dull.

 5. For the ultimate sparkle we recommend that you have your items professionally cleaned every so often. Here at Oresome Nicola and I can have your treasured items gleaming in no time!

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Victoria and Nicola


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