How to commission your bespoke wedding bands!

How to commission your bespoke wedding bands!

So you are engaged!! Congratulations, that’s amazing and super exciting.
You might have already started so of the organising and planning of your big day and this, no doubt will include your finding the perfect wedding bands.

These are probably some of the most important pieces of jewellery that you will wear so getting it right is essential. Not sure where to start…don’t worry Nicola and I have put together some handy hints and tips as to what to think about when commissioning these all important pieces.


Know your carats!
This one is important and that’s why we have put it first is if you have a gold engagement ring its important to know what carat gold it is. The carat of the gold in your engagement ring ideally wants to be the same carat as your wedding band. This is because the higher the carat gold the softer the metal. So for example you had an 18ct gold engagement ring you would want the same carat gold. If you had a 9ct gold wedding band against a 18ct engagement ring because the 9ct is harder and over time would wear the softer metal away. However, don’t worry if you are not sure as this is something that we can check for you with the hallmark.


Shape - This applies to the section of wire or sheet material that you might want. Traditionally either a flat bad or a D section wire are used but these days anything goes.


Design - is it a simple and classic band you are looking for? Or maybe something that is going to stand out and make a statement. Do you want it to fit together with your engagement ring or would you prefer it to stand alone?


Finish - whether it’s a highly polished or a matt finish. The effect that is applied to the surface of the mental has a huge impact on the final result. Don’t worry if you are not sure on what finish you would like as we will be able to help and advise the most suitable finish for your piece.


Whatever your wedding band dreams are Nicola and I are here to help you create your perfect pieces that will last a life time. Get in touch via phone  (01482) 213881 or email for further information.


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