Day in the life of Oresome Jeweller

Day in the life of Oresome Jeweller

At Oresome there is an understanding that jewellery is not just an accessory, it surprises us, creates experiences and inspires, it represents us for who we are. Introducing Nicola Fidell Chapman.


Tell us about a your typical day?

I get up about 730am and sort the animals out. If I am lucky I get a cup of decaf earl grey tea from my Husband. Get ready for , work check my emails and instagram account. Grab my lunch and head out the door. No two days are the same at Oresome, some days we have appointments with clients to discuss commissions and re models and other days I head straight into the workshop to create some of my own one off pieces. I usually work from designs in my sketchbook.  For me using a sketch book is such an important part of my design process. Its where I capture my inspiration for new ideas.

The working day usually ends about 5.30-6pm when we pack up and head home??


How did you become a jeweller?

I have always been fascinated by the function of objects and remember my Dad taking me into antique shops as a young child. I used to take my toys apart and also raid my mum’s jewellery box with the hope of discovering how things had been made.  This developed at school and the only classes I really enjoyed were the Art and 3D design classes. I went on to study for a BA (Hons) at Sheffield and graduated in 1986. The journey into the jewellery industry started after that and I have been doing it for almost 30 years and am still as passionate about making.


What’s you passion outside of jewellery?

I love fashion especially shoes and handbags. Next time round I would love to be a shoe designer. I am mad about my animals and have a collection of feral cats waifs and strays and an ever evolving family of foxes.


Have you made anything for anyone famous?

We made a chain of office for Peter Madelson and also gave a necklace to Emma Thompson. Sold a piece of jewellery to Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw.


Where is your favourite place to visit on Holiday?

I like to travel to different places and don’t really have a favourite. I love Whitby and Robin Hoods bay if I am going somewhere local. Last summer I went to visit Marseille They have a fantastic artists quarter in Le Panier where you can see the artist at work. Making everything from knives to jewellery.


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