5 top tips to looking after your pearls

5 top tips to looking after your pearls

Did you know that as well as repairing all sorts of different types of jewellery we can also resting beads and pearls? Here are some of our top tips for keeping all you beads and pearls in great condition.


1. Keep them stored in a safe place away from metal  edges that could damage and scratch the surface of your pearls. Instead, store them in a soft bag or wrap them carefully in tissue before putting them away.
2. Keep them away from perfume and hair spray, cosmetics or water as these will rot the material the pearls are strung onto.
3. Avoid playing or twisting the pearls or beads  as this will weaken and damage the thread.
4. To keep them in tip top condition wipe them with a soft cloth after wearing.
5. Make sure that you have your pearls or beads are restrung regularly. As you wear them the thread will naturally get damaged and stretch with wear and tear. On average we recommend having them restrung at least once a year deepening on how much you wear them.


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