Make you special Wedding ring with us

Make you special Wedding ring with us

So you’re getting married! How exciting. What could be more special that making your own wedding rings with us.


Our Wedding ring making course is a private session for you and your partner. We have designed it so that we take you through some of the basic techniques and processes of making each other’s rings. Nicola and I will guide and support you through each process resulting in your final wedding rings.


On the course you will get your hands dirty whilst also getting a behind the scenes look into the world of jewellery making. The course can be booked as an afternoon or morning session on dates to suit you. The session is £500 plus your material costs and hallmarking (get in touch for a free quote)


Top tips for making your wedding rings with us
• Make sure that you book your wedding ring course at least a couple of months before your big day. This gives us plenty of time to send your rings off to be hallmarked should you choose to get this done.
• Come in and see us. We love to chat about your up and coming wedding but also it means we can size your fingers and talk to you about the materials you want to make your rings in.


Making your own wedding rings is great fun and makes your special day even more memorable knowing you have created each other’s ring. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at Lauren and Joss who made a great video about their wedding ring making experience at Oresome.



Book now or call us to book a date to suit you, we look forward to seeing you.

Victoria and Nicola

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Keep your sparkly jewellery sparkly

Keep your sparkly jewellery sparkly

You know the feeling you have a sparkly piece of new jewellery and love wearing it. The problem is how do you keep it looking great? Here at Oresome we often are asked about keeping your pieces looking like new so we thought we would put our top tips together to help you shine!

Here are a few tips to help keep your pieces looking great!
 1.  Keep your jewellery wrapped in some acid free tissue paper and an air tight container when you not wearing it. This helps to stop the oxygen from getting to the metal and helps to keep the pieces from tarnishing as quickly.

 2. Carefully clean your pieces periodically with a soft toothbrush, some warm water and washing up liquid. Be careful when cleaning pieces with stones in.

 3. Invest in a good quality silver or gold cloth. These are impregnated with cleaning solution and will clean away a light tarnish. Rub your jewellery lightly with the cloth and see them come back to life.

 4. Always take your rings off when washing your hands or applying hand cream. This will prevent soap and lotions getting behind stone settings and making the stones look dull.

 5. For the ultimate sparkle we recommend that you have your items professionally cleaned every so often. Here at Oresome Nicola and I can have your treasured items gleaming in no time!

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We will look forward to hearing from you.
Victoria and Nicola

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Oresome Brand Values

Oresome Brand Values

We live, eat and breath jewellery so it’s no surprise that we take pride in every piece that we create and make it to the highest standard. To us what we do is so much a part of us it’s hard to switch off sometimes.


Nicola and I have been working within the jewellery industry for many years. Combined we have over 35 years experience within the trade. We first met when we both taught at our local college. It was clear from the beginning that we both had the same passion for jewellery and designing different pieces. We talked about opening a bespoke jewellery business and well as they say the rest is history.




We set Oresome up 8 years ago, we wanted to create pieces that you could not find anywhere else.  We are passionate about what we do and the pieces we make. Each item of jewellery that we create is more than just a piece of adornment it represents a story, journey, or is an expression on individual style.




We source the finest raw materials and create each piece by hand ensuring the highest quality of workmanship is carried out. Each creation is made from scratch and is carefully constructed at each stage of the making process.


Nicola and I work in various different ways when we are creating our pieces


All the pieces at Oresome are designed and made by Nicola and myself, and you cannot find them anywhere else.

Dare to be different with our awesome jewellery
Love Nicola and Victoria

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Mother’s day gift ideas

Mother’s day gift ideas

Mother’s day is fast approaching and what do you get for the Mum that has everything?
If your Mum is anything like mine she is a complete inspiration. If you have a problem, she is the one to go to and is always there when you need her most.  So how do you spoil such a special person and show her your appreciation? Well let’s face it nothing says I think you are special more than a limited edition piece of jewellery.

I have hand selected a few key items from some of our ranges that you might like.
First up is The Formed collection inspired by sculptural forms, these pieces move with the rhythm of your body. Showing flashes of different textures and finishes reflecting your individuality. I designed this collection to be tactile and easy to wear.
One of my favourite items from the collection is pair of sphere drop earrings with line detail £90.00. I gave a pair to my mum last Mother’s  Day and she loves them. So much so I have to prise them from her to clean them. These are a perfect when paired with this stunning domed pendant £145


Looking for something more traditional? Why not give her flowers that last with a piece from the Flower Power range. This is designed and created by Oresome business partner and Jeweller Nicola Fidell Chapman. Each piece in the collection is inspired by nature with a twist of 60’s flower power.
These small domed flower earrings would look great on their own as well as with a complimentary piece from the collection such as this medium flower bracelet at £100.


Still stuck for mothers day gift ideas? Well never fear you can also purchase Oresome gift vouchers in various amounts from £25 upwards. These can be spent in store so she can pick her own special gift.


Hope you have a great day
Love Nicola and Victoria

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Top tips for having bespoke wedding bands made

Top tips for having bespoke wedding bands made

So your engaged?! How exciting, as part of planning for your big day you will also want to think about your wedding bands.


Your wedding bands are probably some of the most important pieces of jewellery that you will wear. Not only are they a symbol of your everlasting love and commitment for each other but you will also be wearing these everyday so it’s important to spend some time to get the right rings for you.

Here are some top tips for having bespoke wedding bands made:

Design – we don’t expect you to come with design ideas but it is helpful to know what kind of styles you like. Then Nicola and I can create a range of different design ideas to discuss with you.

Material – if you have an engagement ring you will need to have your wedding band made out of the same material.  For example if you have 18ct gold engagement  ring you will need an 18ct god wedding band. Your wedding band needs to be the same hardness of material as otherwise as you wear them together one will wear the other away.

Profile – do you know your D section from your flat? If not don’t worry, we are here to help. We can talk you through the different types of metal profiles and find the one that is right for you.

Finish – whether you want a mirror finish, hammered or a matt finish we can help you get the right finish for you.

Time scale – on average our commissions can take around 6 – 8 weeks depending on how complicated the design is. Each piece that we make is as individual as the wearer.

Still got questions? Get in touch, Nicola and I are happy to help you can contact us via email, phone or in person.
We will look forward to seeing you
Victoria and Nicola

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