5 top tips to looking after your pearls

5 top tips to looking after your pearls

Did you know that as well as repairing all sorts of different types of jewellery we can also resting beads and pearls? Here are some of our top tips for keeping all you beads and pearls in great condition.


1. Keep them stored in a safe place away from metal  edges that could damage and scratch the surface of your pearls. Instead, store them in a soft bag or wrap them carefully in tissue before putting them away.
2. Keep them away from perfume and hair spray, cosmetics or water as these will rot the material the pearls are strung onto.
3. Avoid playing or twisting the pearls or beads  as this will weaken and damage the thread.
4. To keep them in tip top condition wipe them with a soft cloth after wearing.
5. Make sure that you have your pearls or beads are restrung regularly. As you wear them the thread will naturally get damaged and stretch with wear and tear. On average we recommend having them restrung at least once a year deepening on how much you wear them.


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Go green with your jewellery

Go green with your jewellery

Now more than ever before we are being encouraged to reuse, recycle and reduce waste, but can we also do this with our jewellery?


Nicola and I have been designing and creating remodelled jewellery for a long time now. Not only is it a perfect way to update a family heirloom into either something that is more contemporary or  a new design.


Having a remodel is not only a great way to help preserve the earth’s natural resources but it is also a great way to invest in a high quality piece whilst holding onto to the cherished  memories and sentimental value of the piece. We can re use the material in your piece including the stones if you have any to create a completely new piece or pieces.


How it works
- Come and see us with your piece or pieces of jewellery. It helps if you have an idea of what you would like so that we can design around these ideas. If you are really not sure we can help advise and give you some ideas.
- We will discuss with you what type of jewellery you would like to have made using your existing pieces
- We will ask you to leave your items with us while we put together a quote
- Once you have decided you would like to go ahead we will then ask for a 50% deposit so that we can start working on your remodelled piece
- We will then create some design ideas so that you can choose which design idea or ideas you would like to have made.
- We will then start to re process you metal and remove any stones that are in the piece if there are any and start to create your piece
- Once the jewellery is finished we will then phone you to let you know  that it is ready to collect the balance will be due at this point.


Interested in having a remodel done? Call us ore drop us a line.

Love Nicola and Victoria x

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Oresome in print!

Oresome in print!

The story of us being published started about 18 months ago Nicola and I were invited to submit images of our work featuring colour and texture for a new book that was to be written.

At the beginning of this year we got the exciting news that we had been 2 of the 90 jewellers to be featured within the book.
We are both very excited be featured within this new book titled “Colour and Textures in Jewellery”. The book has been written and compiled by two tutors and jewellers from London Jewellery Workshop Nina Gilbey and Bekkie Ora Cheeseman. The book features examples of different techniques and processes used by professional jewellers to create colour and texture within jewellery.

The book demonstrates how colour and texture can be used in the creation of jewellery making and how these techniques and processes can be used creatively to create dynamic and exciting work.

As a jeweller both colour and texture play such a major part in designing and creating a piece of jewellery. Whether it is a one off commission or a part of a range. I love to incorporate colour within my designs and do this by using various different precious and semi precious stones as well as other materials such as resin and anodised aluminium.

“I am still fascinated by colour, texture, form and function as well as the ductile qualities of metals, pushing them to extremes in order to create innovative bespoke pieces that cannot be found anywhere else.”
Nicola Fidell Chapman


We are both due to attend the official launch of the book in London on the 4th July. Colour and textures in Jewellery is now available to buy and download through various outlets.

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Part 2 - Day in the life of Oresome Jeweller

Part 2 - Day in the life of Oresome Jeweller

At Oresome we believe that your jewellery should be as individual as you are. Introducing Oresome Jeweller and Business Partner Victoria Prince.


Tell us about a your typical day?

If I am heading to the gym for a morning yoga session it’s a 6am start, I usually spend around an hour there then head home grab some breakfast and head out to the field for an hour to walk my dog Roo before heading to Oresome. Most days I check emails straight away and then get into the workshop to either work on developing my own range of bespoke one off pieces or a commission I am working on. At the moment it’s a stunning diamond engagement ring.


What I love about what I do is that no two days are ever the same and we get so many interesting commissions in.  it’s a real privilege to be part of someone’s story and help create that special piece of jewellery that will last a lifetime and be passed on to future generations. We usually head home around 6pm unless we have any pressing jobs to finish.


How did you become a jeweller?

Even as a child I loved making things and my poor mum got all sorts of weird and wonderful creations. I always had a fascination for jewellery and my sister and I used to play dress up and ask to try things on in Mums jewellery box. This grew to to creating pieces, just simple to begin with I then went onto study 3D Design and college and had the chance to work with silver. After that I was hooked and went on to do a BA (Hons) in Silver Smithing and Jewellery at Birmingham School of Jewellery. I loved every minute of it and being in the heart of Birmingham’s famous jewellery quarter was like a dream!


What’s you passion outside of jewellery?

I love to travel and experience new cultures. I also enjoy a good night out hitting the dance floor especially if its salsa!


Where is your favourite place to visit on Holiday?

As I said before one of my passions is to travel and I recently went to Iceland. It was somewhere that I had wanted to go for a long time. It was an amazing place the landscape was stunning, so different to anywhere else I have been. We went in the wintertime and it was such an amazing feeling being out in the thick snow but nice and warm in the natural thermal springs.  I am already planning the next trip to see more of the country.

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Father's Day

Father's Day

With Father’s Day fast approaching it can be difficult trying to think of a thoughtful gift for Dad. Dad’s can sometimes be difficult to buy for, but don’t worry, we have put together a selection of gift ideas that will make your Dad’s Day!


First up is The Ahoy There collection inspired by sailing these whimsical cufflinks symbolising the freedom of the ocean..you can almost feel the sea breeze in your hair! Designed and created by Oresome Jeweller Nicola Fidell Chapman. These cufflinks are made in UK Sterling silver they will be the talking point at any dinner party or special occasion. There are two different pairs of cufflinks on our website Buntin Boat Cufflinks and Cabin Boat Cufflinks both at £125 each.


If cufflinks don’t float his boat (see what we did there!) then we also have a beautiful UK Sterling Silver boat stick pin that would look fabulous on any coat or blazer £125.

If you Dad is anything like mine then he loves to have a go at different things, so a jewellery taster session would be perfect for him. We have three different sessions to choose from including:
 • Make an Oresome Silver Pendant
 • Make an Oresome Silver Ring
 • Make an Oresome Pair of Silver Earrings

These are great sessions to give your Dad a flavour of what’s involved in creating a piece of jewellery.


Nicola and I have expertly designed these courses to give your Dad a flavour of jewellery making and give them an insight to some basic techniques and processes that you will use to design their final item. These sessions are suitable for complete beginners, so no need to worry if your Dad has never done any jewellery making before.

The course usually lasts around 3 hours, we ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes before the session starts as we usually have teas, coffees and biscuits available to get everyone going. Then its everyone in the workshop for a health and safety induction before we get stuck in to the session. Once we have completed the demonstrations there is plenty of time for you to experiment with the different techniques and processes on copper and brass before you decide on your final design and we help you to create it in sterling silver.


Still stuck for ideas? Well never fear you can also purchase Oresome gift vouchers in various amounts from £25 upwards. These can be spent in store so he can pick his own special gift.

Hope you have a great day, Love Nicola and Victoria

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