Top 10 tips on things to do as soon as you engaged!

Top 10 tips on things to do as soon as you engaged!

Getting engaged is possibly one of the most important events in anyone’s life. Here is our quick guide and what to do once you are engaged.


1.Call family

Call your Mum and Dad and close family, they will want to share in your good news too. It is tradition to ask the parents for your hand in marriage so they might have a heads up about your good news.


2. Get it insured

Make sure that your ring is Insured. Check to see if it is covered by your house insurance. If not, there are many companies that specialize in insuring jewellery. We also offer a valuation service within house to make sure your items are valued for insurance reasons.


3 Is it a good fit?

With most engagement proposals being a surprise getting the correct ring size first time is a tricky one. When we design and create an engagement ring, we offer a free resizing service after the proposal to cater for this. So your proposal can be as stress free as possible.


4. Tell the world

Once your close family know of your engagement. Get the message out there and tell everyone your exciting news, whether you announce it on social media or tell people by phone. Spread the word and celebrate!!


5. Celebrate

Plan a time when you are able to get everyone together and celebrate your good news


6. Set a date

Do you know when you want to get married? Whether is a hot summer wedding you are dreaming of or a winter wonderland.  Picking a time of year to get married will give you a timescale to work to, so you can start to plan your big day.


7. Decide on a budget

It sounds boring but setting a budget will help to keep your finances on track. So setting a budget is essential…even if you do go slightly over it.


8 Decide who to invite

Are you going to have a big wedding with all your friends and family or do you prefer a small and intimate event. Knowing how many people you want to invite will be essential information your venue will want to know.


9 Find your venue

Whether you are thinking a country manor or tipi in a field where your decide to get married will impact the feel of your big day.

Where you get married will somewhat determine when you to tie the knot. As usually venues have bookings up to 2 years in advance, so it will depend on their availability. If you are flexible on dates and days of the week, this can save you some all important cash to spend on other aspects oof your big day.


10 enjoy it!

You don’t have to go all guns blazing into the wedding planning. Take time and enjoy it and revel in your pending matrimony, once the wedding planning begins there will be lots to think about.


Congratulations & Happy Planning!!


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How to commission your bespoke wedding bands!

How to commission your bespoke wedding bands!

So you are engaged!! Congratulations, that’s amazing and super exciting.
You might have already started so of the organising and planning of your big day and this, no doubt will include your finding the perfect wedding bands.

These are probably some of the most important pieces of jewellery that you will wear so getting it right is essential. Not sure where to start…don’t worry Nicola and I have put together some handy hints and tips as to what to think about when commissioning these all important pieces.


Know your carats!
This one is important and that’s why we have put it first is if you have a gold engagement ring its important to know what carat gold it is. The carat of the gold in your engagement ring ideally wants to be the same carat as your wedding band. This is because the higher the carat gold the softer the metal. So for example you had an 18ct gold engagement ring you would want the same carat gold. If you had a 9ct gold wedding band against a 18ct engagement ring because the 9ct is harder and over time would wear the softer metal away. However, don’t worry if you are not sure as this is something that we can check for you with the hallmark.


Shape - This applies to the section of wire or sheet material that you might want. Traditionally either a flat bad or a D section wire are used but these days anything goes.


Design - is it a simple and classic band you are looking for? Or maybe something that is going to stand out and make a statement. Do you want it to fit together with your engagement ring or would you prefer it to stand alone?


Finish - whether it’s a highly polished or a matt finish. The effect that is applied to the surface of the mental has a huge impact on the final result. Don’t worry if you are not sure on what finish you would like as we will be able to help and advise the most suitable finish for your piece.


Whatever your wedding band dreams are Nicola and I are here to help you create your perfect pieces that will last a life time. Get in touch via phone  (01482) 213881 or email for further information.

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Top 5 tips for choosing that perfect centre stone for your bespoke engagement ring.

Top 5 tips for choosing that perfect centre stone for your bespoke engagement ring.

Thinking of popping the question? If so no doubt your first thought is about the ring. This is probably one of the biggest sentimental purchases you will probably ever make. Yes it can be daunting with endless styles to look at. So how do you pick the perfect piece for your perfect partner, especially when you are having a bespoke piece made.

Well fear not, as here at Oresome Nicola and I are both professional jewellers with over 30 years of experience. We will guide you through not only selecting your dream stone but also the exciting process of creating a bespoke piece of jewellery. Each commission we make is as individual as the person that will wear the piece.

There are a few things that you will need to consider when selecting that all important stone or stones for your engagement ring


  1. Budget  - firstly and most importantly you need to decide on how much you are going to spend on your ring as this will also determine other aspects of the piece such as the design and what type of stones and the metal.



  1. Mohs Scale –  This is a scale where the hardness of a material is measured. It is rated from 1 to 10 and was designed to rate a materials resistance.  1 being the least resistant and 10 being the most resistant. Diamonds for example are graded as 10 on the Mohs scale.

As an engagement ring will usually be worn all the time hence we would recommend a harder stone such as diamond, sapphire or Aquamarine to name just a few.  Traditionally diamonds are the stone of choice however these days anything goes.



  1. Size – Yes size does matter! When choosing a stone its tempting to go for the biggest, however you need to consider the practicality of wearing a large stone on a daily basis.  As well as considering how the stone will look on an individuals finger. Bigger isn’t always better.


  1. Shape– The shape and cut of your stone can have a great impact on your ring making it the star of the show. Whether you want a round stone or want to go for something a bit more unusual we can help you choose the perfect centre piece for your ring.


  1. Time scale – Each engagement ring we create is unique so it takes a different amount of time to create each one. On average it usually takes between 6-8 weeks to have a piece designed and made by Nicola or myself. We will guide you through each step of the process to create your dream ring to treasure forever.


For further information check out our commissions page or get in touch via email at or call us on  01482 213 881


We will look forward to hearing from you.


Victoria and Nicola x


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5 top tips to looking after your pearls

5 top tips to looking after your pearls

Did you know that as well as repairing all sorts of different types of jewellery we can also resting beads and pearls? Here are some of our top tips for keeping all you beads and pearls in great condition.


1. Keep them stored in a safe place away from metal  edges that could damage and scratch the surface of your pearls. Instead, store them in a soft bag or wrap them carefully in tissue before putting them away.
2. Keep them away from perfume and hair spray, cosmetics or water as these will rot the material the pearls are strung onto.
3. Avoid playing or twisting the pearls or beads  as this will weaken and damage the thread.
4. To keep them in tip top condition wipe them with a soft cloth after wearing.
5. Make sure that you have your pearls or beads are restrung regularly. As you wear them the thread will naturally get damaged and stretch with wear and tear. On average we recommend having them restrung at least once a year deepening on how much you wear them.


Bring your items in for a free quote today!

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Go green with your jewellery

Go green with your jewellery

Now more than ever before we are being encouraged to reuse, recycle and reduce waste, but can we also do this with our jewellery?


Nicola and I have been designing and creating remodelled jewellery for a long time now. Not only is it a perfect way to update a family heirloom into either something that is more contemporary or  a new design.


Having a remodel is not only a great way to help preserve the earth’s natural resources but it is also a great way to invest in a high quality piece whilst holding onto to the cherished  memories and sentimental value of the piece. We can re use the material in your piece including the stones if you have any to create a completely new piece or pieces.


How it works
- Come and see us with your piece or pieces of jewellery. It helps if you have an idea of what you would like so that we can design around these ideas. If you are really not sure we can help advise and give you some ideas.
- We will discuss with you what type of jewellery you would like to have made using your existing pieces
- We will ask you to leave your items with us while we put together a quote
- Once you have decided you would like to go ahead we will then ask for a 50% deposit so that we can start working on your remodelled piece
- We will then create some design ideas so that you can choose which design idea or ideas you would like to have made.
- We will then start to re process you metal and remove any stones that are in the piece if there are any and start to create your piece
- Once the jewellery is finished we will then phone you to let you know  that it is ready to collect the balance will be due at this point.


Interested in having a remodel done? Call us ore drop us a line.

Love Nicola and Victoria x

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