Greg and Fiona

Greg and Fiona

Greg: “Having asked Fiona’s father for permission to marry his daughter, I knew that the ring that I would propose to Fiona with, wouldn’t be the one that she would eventually wear as I didn’t know what ring to choose.


I proposed at the top of Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. The next step was the enjoyable time to research and find a jeweller to design the ring together. During this time, my mother had asked me if we would like to use her mother’s ring to incorporate into the design. Whilst incredibly honoured I didn’t know how this could be achieved. It was only after meeting Nicola that we were able to visualise just how this could take place.


Having never met my Grandmother it provides me a great deal of pride to know that her legacy will live on in the ring that Fiona and I designed.”


Fiona: “A lot of people we know have solitaire diamond rings, and although they are beautiful, they have never appealed to me personally. When Greg’s Grandmothers engagement ring was offered to us (a solitaire), we decided that together as a couple, we would use it to design our own. I like colourful stones and so we decided to include sapphires in the design. We wanted the design to be unique and have a more contemporary feel to it. Asking Nicola at Oresome Gallery for help with designing something bespoke made sense. I am fortunate to already own a diamond necklace which Nicola designed for me years ago, and so I already have first-hand experience of her work and knew that I wanted Nicola’s help again.


Although the jewellery will be worn by me, because Greg and I designed the ring together and it is part of his heritage, this means a great deal and something that we will cherish. When we get closer to our wedding, Nicola will also design Greg’s wedding ring and use the gold from his Grandmothers ring for this. I love the idea that together, we will continue the legacy of the jewellery which is so important and emotional to his family.”




Sue: “My parents – Greg’s grandparents, met and married during WW2. They returned to live in Canada until my father died in 1961. My Mum had little jewellery apart from her engagement ring and another diamond ring which were left to me after her death in 1982. I gave the diamond ring which also had connections with my Father to my daughter. The engagement ring was a single diamond set in white gold. It was an old-fashioned setting but was precious to me. When Greg and Fi got engaged but hadn’t decided on an actual ring I offered the engagement ring to Greg to be used as they wished.


This has now been remodelled by Nicola. The diamond has been used as part of Fi’s engagement ring and Greg is having his wedding ring made incorporating the white gold from the original ring.


I feel very pleased that this is happening. To know that Greg and Fi are wearing my Mum’s engagement ring, although greatly altered, is very important and sentimental for me. I know my Mum, who never got to meet Greg nor obviously Fi would be very delighted that this was happening. Now both my children have a part of my Mum and Dad in their lives so I couldn’t be happier.”