Grahams Story

Grahams Story

The most precious engagement ring and wedding ring. Graham proposed to me in late autumn 2017 after first asking my Mum’s permission. We wanted to marry quickly due to my Mum’s failing health and I wanted her to be at my wedding.


We hadn’t really thought about a ring, but I was with Mum one evening and she suggested I could have her 2 engagements rings. She had the first one from when my parents married in 1952 and then she had persuaded Dad to buy her another bigger one! How many women have 2 engagements rings? I checked my sisters were ok with me having them and then we visited Nicola with a view to remodelling them into a bespoke engagement ring. I am very privileged to have my own ring made from my Mum’s rings and Nicola also modelled my wedding band to fit with the engagement ring.




The rings are so very precious representing the love of my husband and my wonderful Mum. What a lucky girl I am!